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How we do it?

The Australian Transport Sector continues to decline in size and with increasing operating costs, more of the smaller transport operators are falling by the wayside.

As the sector year on year downsizes, it remains more difficult to deal with smaller, more service orientated providers.  It is because of this narrowing of the Australian Transport Sector that Truck Load Australia was formed, to service a growing gap in the market.

Truck Load Australia works with Sub Contractors all across the country. We utilise specific carriers most suitable to the scope of work required. Be it a container load in Melbourne, to a drop deck semi in Townsville, we identify the most suitable carrier in key locations and engage them to complete and deliver the job on time.

We have over 350 Sub-Contractors across Australia who work for us at any given time and our dedicated team aim to solve your freight challenges and support supply chain management.


Service you can trust

How many times have you rung a Multinational Freight Company and been offered "not my department", "we will call you back", "he's at lunch", "We don't do that"?  Truck Load offers immediate and timely support.

We are anti-'red tape'; we want to give you the best and most cost-effective solution in the least amount of time. We don't own a fleet of trucks; we offer a project management service utilising our extensive list of business partners Australia-wide.

We pride ourselves on dependability and taking control of the movement from start to finish. We will continue to remain smaller in size so our personal touch is never lost.


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